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Turn It Up

There are times when we must accept personal disappointment, battle cautious warnings of scrutinizers, and wrestle with plaguing doubts. We fail, however, to be just as mindful of the voice of wisdom as it seeks to restore hope. Ironically, just a little nugget of hope, the mere possibility of success, the pesky little “don’t give up” voice is somehow capable of outweighing the heaviness of disappointment, the weariness of doubt and the discouraging scrutiny from ‘well-meaning’ advisors. Each time you tune into this Hope, you’re also turning down the volume, eliminating the static, hushing the haunting voices of doubt away. The voice of hope will energize your efforts and make a way for unashamed diligence to persevere. Just turn it up. -PS


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Black, White or Gray

As long as there are choices to be made, “fate” is not your master nor “destiny” your confidence. Black, white or gray, your decisions will determine, delay, declare or discover the direction for your tomorrows.

KeePSeeking to make choices that chase after Wisdom. Regrets will be fewer when you’re in its pursuit, and the most important things in life will escape the disregard that the foolish chase abandons along the way.


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