Designated Driver

Doubt has been keeping me company for years.

Admittedly, it hovers over my thoughts almost always. It’s skepticism questions my belief.  It’s fear chases my goals and at times it’s suspicion shadows my faith.  I didn’t invite it, I haven’t encouraged it, I refuse to welcome it, yet I really can’t remember a time when I haven’t had it.

Though it travels with me, like a back-seat driver, instilling fear, commanding failure, questioning potential and judging decisions, I am beginning to realize some certainty.  I am certain that I am still the driver.  And, as long as I keep steering in Wisdom’s direction, doubt has no real control over my destination. But, when I give in and allow doubt to take the wheel, it is then that I face frustrating detours. When doubt is the only station I tune into, it is then I face endless delays.  When doubt fuels this engine, it is then I face hopeless dead-ends.  Doubt may be my life-long passenger, my back-seat driver, but, I will remain the designated driver. -PS


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