Conversation Hearts

GUARDED hearts tip-toe carefully through conversation, keeping it factual, functional or useful.

GUILTY hearts side-step conversation, escaping judgement, obligation and responsibility.

TIRED hearts shuffle through conversation, wearily anticipating reactions; knowingly predicting inevitable outcomes.

ANGRY hearts flee from conversation shortly after their fist-pounding, finger-pointing and door-slamming outrage.

CRITICAL hearts dominate conversation with personal attack, hurtful insult and stereotypical disregard.

LONELY hearts desperately long for just a little conversation, even risky conversation.

INTENTIONAL hearts march through conversation with purpose, direction and desire.

FORGIVING hearts remain through tearful conversation, mending the treasured and broken pieces.

HAPPY hearts dance gracefully in the midst of conversation, leading, following, untangling each honest expression with willful ease.

I don’t know about you but I just wanna dance.


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