Anchored & Unleashed

There are few experiences in life that leave one feeling anchored and unleashed at the same time. Certain moments, unique events, beautiful sights can leave one’s soul feeling anchored, while unleashing his spirit to a new realization, inspiration or appreciation.  Those moments, those pin-pointed events, for most, are few.  The anchoring and unleashing is more of a process than an event.  Dropping anchor takes time. Becoming anchored is not a light-switching type of activity. The liberating irony of being anchored, is at the same time, becoming unleashed -unleashed from the opposing hindrances that once tossed about a drifting vessel. 

Anchored in faith, unleashed from fear.

Anchored in hope, unleashed from despair.

Anchored in truth, unleashed from fallacy.

Anchored in purpose, unleashed from boredom.

Anchored in goals, unleashed from drifting.

Anchored in opportunity, unleashed from boundaries.

Anchored in family, unleashed from selfishness.

Anchored in community, unleashed from isolation.

Anchored in love, unleashed from indifference.

Anchored in passion, unleashed from inhibition.

Anchored in commitment, unleashed from surrender.






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