Paper Waits

Needing to clarify thoughts, feelings and frustrations and being able to release them from the mind and heart onto paper is an empowering therapy. When there’s no one to listen, the paper waits. There on the desk, with an inviting acceptance, it calls. Like a warm-hearted listener in a cozy chair with all the time in the world, it welcomes.

And there is nothing you can not reveal to it. The paper casts no judgement. It is not shocked, upset, intimidated or challenged by the writer’s honesty.  One can fall-apart, break-down and go-to-pieces over it and it remains. Tear stained, scratched upon, even crumbled and angrily tossed, it braves the session, serving it’s purpose. 

It’s ultimate therapy is not just to bear confiding words but to reflect their heartfelt truth. When it is over and the writer recalls, rereads and relives the untangled openness, good or bad, right or wrong, pretty or not, the healing begins and the paper is treasured. -PS


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