Full schedule. Out the door. Running late. Life’s a chore. No time. Wish I could. Crazy day. Understood? Times are rough. Later on. Things to do. A mile long. Friday night? No way. Another time. Another day. Hurry up. Down the road. Across town. Forgot the phone. Far behind. No show. Busy now. Gotta go. Not enough. Much to do. Out of gas. Drive through. Some day. Get it done. One day. It will come.

Work late. Over time. The way it is. You’ll be fine. Get-a-way? Work in town. Sun up. Sun down. Pep pills. Sleep aids. Clock alarm. Wake up late.Found the keys. Empty tank. Next time. No thanks. What time? Not again. Far behind. Got to end. Bottom lines. Hurry up. To the point. That’s enough.Spinning wheel. Chasing time. Working long. Daily grind. Time flies. Life is short. Can’t enjoy? Choice is yours.  -PS



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2 responses to “G2G

  1. Bob Wright

    Is the writer making her own enjoy it choice during her hectic grind? Nice reminder PS.

    • No, actually. Not at all. The writer is observing someone else’s hectic choices, which only motivates this writer, even more, to enjoy life and ‘grind’ less. You’re welcome, btw, for the reminder. 🙂

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