Dance On

A cynical mindset takes up residence in the lives of those who believe that their best days are behind them. This type of mentality welcomes the companions of doom-and-gloom who frequently shuffle in reinforcing life’s futility.  A scornful disgust toward society and a victimized sense of self-pity permeate their perspective when the focus for the return of these Good Ol’ Days becomes the condition on which they place their hope.

In the meantime, their by-standers struggle with future plans, personal ambitions and anticipated possibilities. They are often dismissed, hopelessly disregarded or casually discounted when emphasis on the days of old are continually vocalized and idolized by those in their midst.

But, every generation has had its share of pain and its quest for justice. Every individual has faced uncertainties. Since the beginning of civilization, humanity has been plagued with wars, disease, crime, poverty, persecution, disaster and injustice.  Those challenges remain.  Present and future generations (will) struggle with these same difficulties.  Yet, in the midst of the difficult times, there will be happy events and memorable moments. Couples will fall in love; families will gather for celebrations; soldiers will be welcomed home; mothers will embrace their newborns; children will laugh and play; achievements will be applauded; prayers will be answered; miracles will take place; healing will occur, the less fortunate will be blessed and small unnoticed acts of kindness will continue.

Reminiscent minds simply do not recognize the present blessings all around them.  When reminded and encouraged to see them, enjoy them or participate in them, they dismiss, even sarcastically disregard their presence, their importance and their potential, continually measuring and comparing them to the better days they left behind.

The storm clouds of another can hide the sunshine from all.  It takes unyielding courage for the weary to dance on in their rain.


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