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Postpone Death

Too many people go through life one monotonous day after another either muddling through  a meaningless routine or scrambling by-the-seat-of-their-pants in pursuit of work, work, work. They’ve become separated, disconnected, unattached from life, from living. You might say they are dead. Dead to what life has to offer; dead to nurturing their closest relationships; dead to creativity; dead to personal pleasures; dead to future goals;  even dead to the possibility that they have died. Monotonous muddling or constant laboring will snatch from you the life you were meant to live.  Interrupt your comfort zones and bad habits. Do something different. Challenge yourself. Learn something new. Take notice of what (or who) you’ve been overlooking. Live today and postpone death.


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Make Today Memorable

One day, you’ll reminisce. You’ll lean back, close your eyes and relive delightful times.  They won’t be your hardest working days, or your most ordered days that will come to mind.  They won’t be the most productive or profitable days that you’ll recall. The monotonous, tedious, tiring days you pour your life into you’ll not aim to recapture.  It will be the meaningful days that you’ll want to cherish. The days involving relationships and connection; laughter and relief; intimacy and trust; days where love surfaced, hearts united and eyes looked deeply into another’s soul.  One day, those will be the things you seek to remember. Will today be one of those days? -PS

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Anchored & Unleashed

There are few experiences in life that leave one feeling anchored and unleashed at the same time. Certain moments, unique events, beautiful sights can leave one’s soul feeling anchored, while unleashing his spirit to a new realization, inspiration or appreciation.  Those moments, those pin-pointed events, for most, are few.  The anchoring and unleashing is more of a process than an event.  Dropping anchor takes time. Becoming anchored is not a light-switching type of activity. The liberating irony of being anchored, is at the same time, becoming unleashed -unleashed from the opposing hindrances that once tossed about a drifting vessel. 

Anchored in faith, unleashed from fear.

Anchored in hope, unleashed from despair.

Anchored in truth, unleashed from fallacy.

Anchored in purpose, unleashed from boredom.

Anchored in goals, unleashed from drifting.

Anchored in opportunity, unleashed from boundaries.

Anchored in family, unleashed from selfishness.

Anchored in community, unleashed from isolation.

Anchored in love, unleashed from indifference.

Anchored in passion, unleashed from inhibition.

Anchored in commitment, unleashed from surrender.





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There is a feeling of loneliness that is capable of surfacing in the most unsuspecting environments: in the midst of family gatherings; at the height of social laughter; and within the circles of friendly get-togethers. When ‘connectedness’ is missing from the most important relationships in your life, haunting isolation will devour every attempt to create, conceal, or replace its substitute. -PS

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Conversation Hearts

GUARDED hearts tip-toe carefully through conversation, keeping it factual, functional or useful.

GUILTY hearts side-step conversation, escaping judgement, obligation and responsibility.

TIRED hearts shuffle through conversation, wearily anticipating reactions; knowingly predicting inevitable outcomes.

ANGRY hearts flee from conversation shortly after their fist-pounding, finger-pointing and door-slamming outrage.

CRITICAL hearts dominate conversation with personal attack, hurtful insult and stereotypical disregard.

LONELY hearts desperately long for just a little conversation, even risky conversation.

INTENTIONAL hearts march through conversation with purpose, direction and desire.

FORGIVING hearts remain through tearful conversation, mending the treasured and broken pieces.

HAPPY hearts dance gracefully in the midst of conversation, leading, following, untangling each honest expression with willful ease.

I don’t know about you but I just wanna dance.

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Invited Guests

C’mon in, RELIEF.  Linger longer, CONTENTMENT. Have a seat, HUMOR. Hope you’re contagious, LAUGHTER.  Dance away, TRANSPARENCY. Do it again, SURPRISE. Tell me more, HONESTY. Help me remember, SENTIMENT. Flirt no more, TEMPTATION. Remain calm, PEACEFULNESS. Convince me, SINCERITY. Ask me anything, LISTENING. You go first, COURAGE. Hold on tight, COMMITMENT. Guard this heart, FAITH. Work it all out, LOGIC. Spend the night, LOVE. No apologies, TEARS. Turn on your light, TUNNEL. Lay me down, SLEEP. Make ’em sweet, DREAMS. Wake me in the morning, HOPE.

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Designated Driver

Doubt has been keeping me company for years.

Admittedly, it hovers over my thoughts almost always. It’s skepticism questions my belief.  It’s fear chases my goals and at times it’s suspicion shadows my faith.  I didn’t invite it, I haven’t encouraged it, I refuse to welcome it, yet I really can’t remember a time when I haven’t had it.

Though it travels with me, like a back-seat driver, instilling fear, commanding failure, questioning potential and judging decisions, I am beginning to realize some certainty.  I am certain that I am still the driver.  And, as long as I keep steering in Wisdom’s direction, doubt has no real control over my destination. But, when I give in and allow doubt to take the wheel, it is then that I face frustrating detours. When doubt is the only station I tune into, it is then I face endless delays.  When doubt fuels this engine, it is then I face hopeless dead-ends.  Doubt may be my life-long passenger, my back-seat driver, but, I will remain the designated driver. -PS

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