They make your eyes tear, your lips quiver, your blood boil and your hands shake. They may cause a racing mind, a furrowed brow, a loose tongue and a pounding heart. They instill fear, create doubt, question value and feed guilt. They are everywhere. They are sneaky. There is no escaping them.  The rampant ones infect the vulnerable and can remain forever.

 Apathy, addictions, mediocrity and revenge have been blamed on them. They’ve been known to haunt their victims with echoing voices. They squash spirits and transform cheerfulness to a solemn downcast. Some leave anguishing scars of disregard, questioning love and ending friendships. 

 Most are careless. Many are disguised. Some are intentional.  The unnecessary, cruel and cowardly ones make sticks and stones feel welcome. They are your words and they are alive. Please, choose them carefully and use them wisely. -PS


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