Daily Choices

  • I choose to seek wisdom and remain teachable.
  • I choose to know and expand my limits.
  • I choose  friends who encourage and hold me accountable.

I choose peace over anxiety, trust over fear and sleep over worry.

  • I choose to wake up and be grateful.
  • I choose to use my time wisely and with variety.
  • I choose thankfulness over complaining.

I choose forgiveness over grudges, responses over reactions and love over lists.

  • I choose to work hard and still leave white space on my calendar.
  • I choose to schedule exercise and enjoy recreation.
  • I choose to be ‘calm and steady’ over ‘frantic and rushed’.

I choose to guard my heart, protect my mind and tame my tongue.

  • I choose permission for tears.
  • I choose honest, heartfelt prayer.
  • I choose to be transparent, intentional and genuine.

I choose solitude over loneliness, community over isolation and service over self-pity.

  • I choose to believe in life’s seasons.
  • I choose to reflect on past triumphs.
  • I choose to learn from my mistakes and move forward.

I choose to contemplate, linger, ponder and wonder about this sweet ability I have, to choose.



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