24 Hour Challenge

Ever tried to go through a whole day without participating in anything negative? For the next 24 hours fill your thoughts, conversations and actions with only positive things. Nothing negative. Nothing critical. Nothing skeptical. No fault-finding. No anticipating incompetance. No accusation toward others. No quick-tempered disgust. No judgmental assumptions. No cursing of any kind. And no pity parties. Don’t even consider it. Determine what you will invite into your thoughts. Turn off the radio’s distressing news, the TV’s political debates and toss the newspaper’s daily grief. Count the blessings that surround you. They are there. They’ve always been there. They need your recognition. You need their satisfaction.

Then, read something hopeful, inspirational, educational. Watch something fascinating, incredible, beautiful. Listen to uplifting music, nature’s melodies or the sounds of silence. Saturate your mind with every good thought you can muster. Determine what words you will allow from your lips. Find anything that is worthy of praise or thanksgiving and vocalize it. Realize even your body’s unspoken language. Is it calm, kind, gentle, patient, loving? How is it affecting those around you? Are they comforted by it, attracted to it or are they running from it?

We work so hard to discipline the physical with exercise, clean eating, vitamins and rest, but oh, how desperately neglected are our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and words. 24 hours. Are you up for the challenge? Ready, set, go.


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