Choose Thankfulness

There is a difference between feeling thankful and being thankful. Being thankful requires a decision. It  is a choice to look beyond what may be missing or lacking in your life and yet, still choose to be grateful for whatever remains, as well as for whatever  you have been blessed to escape. Being thankful, especially  in difficult circumstances, is an intentional decision, not a natural feeling. Deliberate choices must trump the defaulting negative emotions that strive for power and seek to rule your thoughts and behavior. Choosing to be thankful requires sacrifice. You must sacrifice your pride, your sorrow, your selfishness, your desire, your pity and your anger and replace it with a heart of thanksgiving, a countenance of satisfaction, words of appreciation and gestures of gratitude. The irony in choosing to be thankful is that it will eventually lead you to feel thankful.  “Happy?” Thanksgiving? The choice is yours.


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