Lost: Time

With the new year approaching I keep hearing people ask, “Where has the time gone?”  I’m finding myself hesitant to agree with their bewilderment.  I know  where my time has gone.  I have not allowed my days to default  into a monotonus routine that leaves me baffled at the end of a year. Because I have been more intentional this year, my priorities have been maintained, goals well-planned, personal growth challenged and time wisely invested. 

I’ve realized the importance in balancing and nurturing several areas of life.  Too often, people become routinely absorbed in so few areas (ie. work, leisure, school, relationships) that their well-being in other equally important areas suffers. Our days should include a purposeful attempt to grow relationally, emotionally, physically, spiritually,  intellectually and personally.  That kind of growth requires discipline, intention,  planning, risking and sacrificing.

Time is our tool. It is able to be handled, sharpened, shelved or misplaced.  You can  use it, manage it, invest it, enjoy it and protect it or you can ignore it, squander it, neglect it,  waste it and lose it.

When you learn to keep track of your days, take ownership of your weeks and manage your months, time is seized. It’s fullness is captured. It’s usefulness remembered.  But if you allow your days to escape, that precious time is lost. It’s potential is gone and it’s whereabouts baffling, leaving one shaking their head, sadly inquiring where (their) time has gone.  -PS



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2 responses to “Lost: Time

  1. Every time I read one of your poems, it grabs me by the throat. I don’t know how much more of this I can stand. HA! Don Rogers

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