Christmas Peace

It’s okay to leave half the decorations still in their boxes out in the garage. It doesnt matter if every card or gift you receive is equally reciprocated. Stores don’t always hold that perfect gift. In fact, avoiding stores can make you feel a bit victorious.  Cookies taste sweeter when they’re made with others. Christmas music is but once a year. Listen to it. It is good for your soul. The kid’s homemade ornaments are treasures, even the paper, yarn and crayon decorated ones.  Don’t discard them. Twenty years from now they’ll shake their heads at you, but will examine, admire and argue about which ones were theirs! Reminisce and thank someone who made a Christmas past meaningul to you. When asked if you’re ‘ready’ for Christmas, don’t rant on about your to-do list. Make some quiet time to ‘ready’ your heart. Read the Christmas story. (Luke 2:9-14)  Go to church, hold a candle and sing Silent Night. Let the Peace on Earth we so desire, begin with you and me. Choose it. Embrace it. Create it.



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2 responses to “Christmas Peace

  1. Bob Wright

    Simply outstanding.

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