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Work of Art

If I were an artist, I’d paint a cozy, tufted chair. In the chair, a warm-hearted listener with all the time in the world would welcome me. Her nodding affirmation would glow more beautifully than the patient embers warming the stone hearth next to her. With a calming smile, her casual movement would dance through the steaming aroma of her favorite tea while her knowing eyes granted permission for words never before spoken. If only I could paint such a rare and desirable work of art – the art of listening.


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Hall of Fame …or Shame

Imagine secret museums for all the things that slip through the cracks; for ideas forgotten; intentions never realized; people overlooked; apologies unspoken; time wasted and secret love unrevealed. What a moving and … sobering exhibit to behold.

Think about it. There on display all our missed opportunities, our procrastination, our regrets, the phone calls never made, the risks never taken, the hidden feelings suffocated by our fears and the intimacy with others strangled by our pride. All of the ‘could’ve been’, ‘should’ve been’ moments in life, lost, and there for all to see, for us to see. A sad testimony; a sobering display; and yet, there is still time. The acquisition for your life’s exhibit is not yet settled.

There is time to make the phone call. Express the affection. Face the fear. Take the risk. Speak the words and swallow the pride.  Escape the archives of regret and instead, unearth the delightful collection, the rare treasure of a humble, vulnerable and fearless life of sincerity.

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Thou Shalt Steal

Steal.  Yes, that’s what I said. I know you’ve been told not to, but this time, it’s okay.  This time it’s necessary. This time it’s excusable, justifiable and needful. So, go ahead. Steal …away. Steal some time for yourself. Find your quiet; rest in your solitude; linger in your aloneness and don’t feel at all guilty.

Wisdom is too patient to interrupt your commotion. It waits for quiet moments. It whispers in stillness and clarifies understanding.  Abandon the chaos, for Wisdom craves your humble attention. How it longs to walk beside you, jealous to hold your hand, alone, away from the ever-so-weary distractions of life. Close your eyes for just a little while, to the never-ending lists. Guard the white space on your daily agenda. Silence your technology. Find your quiet destiny and steal …away.


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