Thou Shalt Steal

Steal.  Yes, that’s what I said. I know you’ve been told not to, but this time, it’s okay.  This time it’s necessary. This time it’s excusable, justifiable and needful. So, go ahead. Steal …away. Steal some time for yourself. Find your quiet; rest in your solitude; linger in your aloneness and don’t feel at all guilty.

Wisdom is too patient to interrupt your commotion. It waits for quiet moments. It whispers in stillness and clarifies understanding.  Abandon the chaos, for Wisdom craves your humble attention. How it longs to walk beside you, jealous to hold your hand, alone, away from the ever-so-weary distractions of life. Close your eyes for just a little while, to the never-ending lists. Guard the white space on your daily agenda. Silence your technology. Find your quiet destiny and steal …away.



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6 responses to “Thou Shalt Steal

  1. Reblogged this on The Naked Bar Soaps and commented:
    This is a great post to remind us all that sometimes we need a little “me” time and it is okay.

  2. You are unbelievably, incredibly talented. You have my vote for Poet Laureate of Deland. Don Rogers

    • 😉 Thank you! And you have my vote as President of Polly’s Fan Club!

      • Your poem ‘The Happy in Ending” is fantastic. I made a copy, but I am returning the book because it must be a precious keepsake. Also, I can not in all good conscience submit a poem to them because I gave up religion some time ago. I’ll return it Tuesday along with a note explaining more completely plus a poem that I wrote about the situation and posted on Allpoetry. (Lots of good comments, by the by). Now that you know an awful truth about me, you may not want me as Pres. of your fan club.

  3. Truth is …what it is – It will become what you make it.

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