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Helpful Bullets

A constant negative influence in life eventually takes its toll on your emotional well-being. I came across a good article and feel compelled to share some helpful bullets worth aiming for if you happen to find yourself in a similar predicament. Just some things to remember:

Compassion toward a negative person requires humility. Critical responses will be rejected even if they were intended to help the other person recognize a need for change.

•Do what it takes to protect your personal happiness. Example: strengthen your faith, develop a positive attitude and socialize with optimistic/encouraging people. Break away when necessary but without causing the negative person to feel avoided or blamed for your absence.

•Pursue your dreams, take healthy risks and trust people even if they do not and even if they question your decision to do so. Don’t do it to prove them wrong, or out of spite but with authenticity and wisdom.

•Recognize the seed of negativity in your own life. The fact that you have difficulty dealing with others’ negativity suggests there is a seed of negativity in you.

Have confidence in controlling the most important aspects of your life in combination with a trusting faith that all will work out, eventually. Feel the security in both.

•The positive changes will make you better and perhaps, though at a glacial pace, draw the negative person into your happier world.

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