The Choice is Yours

Everyone has choices. Your options may be different from mine, but the ability to choose remains the same. Excuses, comparisons and self-pity are options available to everyone. But not everyone chooses them. Don’t fault the one who responds positively. Why suggest that it is easier for them? Why criticize, blame or judge those who keep seeking the best of life? It takes great effort and sacrifice to continue to pursue what is good, healthy and meaningful. It is not easier for them. It is not luck, ability, personality circumstance or rose-colored fantasy. It is choice. You deceive yourself by diminishing their choices as though they were effortless, natural or easy.

You have options too. (Yes, you do) You simply may not like the options you have. Yours, just like mine, require sacrifice, effort, energy and risk. They will challenge you to change old habits, rethink perspectives, and consider new goals. But first, you must relinquish criticism and sarcasm while embracing humility. Positive choices force a victimized mindset to take responsibility for their own happiness. Unfortunately, many will disregard this truth no matter how eloquent the message or convincing the testimony. -PS©2014



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2 responses to “The Choice is Yours

  1. Mary Lynne

    Oh P. S. you are the best. I am working through many things in my life right now and your blog will be a daily habit! ❤ MLBR

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