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Party Day

If all the Days-past got together, mingled over some drinks and appetizers and shared with one another how we humans treated them, would your name come up? As the Days shared their events, would the appreciation for them be apparent in your life and worthy of mentioning? Can you hear them saying how disappointed it is to watch so many waste their day and imagine the irritation it feels when every hour it provided for you was filled with monotony or disregard? Or, would your name surface and the experiences you created fill the Day with pride? Would the Days be anxious to share how you responded to the time they allowed or would they be hovering near the punch bowl avoiding awkward embarrassment? Imagine, clusters of Days joyfully sharing meaningful stories of those who embraced them with thankfulness, strength, purpose, humor and love. The Day is waiting for you. It has saved itself for you, just for this time in your life. There are precious moments tucked within, words waiting to be spoken, and hurts ready to heal. There are grudges longing for release, adventures calling for courage and beauty displayed for your eyes alone. Make the Day proud and may your response to this Day be the life of the next party.



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