I want to live a meaningful, purposeful and intentional life without regret. I want to grow deeper in understanding and insight. I want to discover and apply wisdom. I want to shelf worry, rest in hope, experience adventure and laugh away my life’s struggle without fear.

I want to unmask the irony, reject the hypocrisy and disregard the foolishness that creeps into my life. I want to make daily choices, no matter how painful, that demonstrate a genuine proof of commitment and belief without contradiction.

I want to be defined by the good I wanted and the continual seeking after it – not by the way I have failed, fretted and feared along the way.  I want the lessons learned in life to lift my chin with courage and reveal that same assuring confidence known in the intimate, eye connecting moments between lovers, that all is not lost and I am not alone on this journey.

I know that ‘wanting’ it is not enough. It is my choice. And though I am far from having everything I want, and even in times of temptation and weakness, refuse what I really want with a casual and selfish ‘no-thank you’ –there is still hope, hope for enough strength, forgiveness and fresh starts from a God who wants it for me as well, and even more than I.


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