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Count Your Losses or Value Your Blessings

Bad things happen. Disappointment invades life and tragedy strikes. No one is immune to heartache and trouble. Everyone has suffered loss and everyone will experience degrees of desperation, grief, fear and uncertainty.

Knowledge recognizes suffering as a universal language, a common ailing condition of man. But wisdom embraces a remedy available to all and within all. A remedy that the cynic ridicules and the non-teachable dismiss. The remedy is choice. It’s a deliberate response to life’s losses. It’s not our first and most natural response, but it’s an intentional decision to counter our negative circumstances with hope and growth rather than stagnation and self-pity.

Our positive attention may not change a negative circumstance into a positive one but it will determine whether we shuffle through the drudgery, wallowing in our losses, or whether we smile in the uncertainty, basking in our blessings. PS©2015


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