55 Finish Lines

For 5 years I’ve been running as a means of escape from stress and trying prove to someone that there IS always enough time to enjoy life, invest in health, meet new challenges and be positive. I’ve used running to feel better in difficult circumstances, to defy those circumstances and to have some type of control in the midst of those circumstances.  I’ve logged over 4 thousand miles and have crossed 55 finish lines, sadly, without their applause or embrace.
For the most part, I’ve enjoyed my runs once I was running. I’ve met running friends who mean more to me than some family members. I’ve conquered fears and pushed myself from 5k’s to a 50k, but the motivation to get out there and do it was not necessarily for the love of running, but more as a means of coping and proving. Once those circumstances changed, my primary motivation also changed. I find myself, now, re-defining why I (should continue to) run and have concluded it’s simply this:
LIFE IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. First, the relationship with myself and the pleasure of feeling healthy, alive and accomplished  after a run. Second, my relationship with nature, its fascinating wonder and the spiritual connection with things Divine. Third, my relationship with others, those other runners who’ve invested in my life, listening, encouraging, sweating, sharing and bonding mile after mile after mile. Life is about relationships and for me running is one of the best tools I’ve discovered to enhance them all. –PS©2015


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