Toxic Thoughts, Lethal Logic and Poisonous Perceptions.

My Grandma used to have a wringer-washer in her basement where my sister and I would sit on stools and watch as she fed wet clothes through the rolling wringers. To her, I imagine it was just a dutiful chore on an endless list of things to do but we were captivated by it. She’d let us feed some of the clothes through those wringers but always with cautious warning to keep our fingers out of harm’s way. Soppy, saturated and heavy clothes became damp, flattened and lighter on the other side of those wringers. All the dirt and grime (and there was plenty of it with a family of four boys, a.k.a our young uncles) was squeezed out of those garments ready to hang on the clothesline near the backyard garden. This laundry-day memory presents such a good picture of the importance of cleansing our hearts and minds of negative thoughts and self-destructive talking. Passing them through the wringers of faith and hope, we straighten out our world-view and lighten the load of our daily grind. Our doubts and fears are squeezed out of our minds creating a pure, fresh and hopeful outlook -one that anticipates newness like the wind-blown aroma of a clothes-line filled from end to end. Just like those dirty, soiled and heavy clothes, our minds need cleansed of toxic thoughts, lethal logic and poisonous perceptions. Laundry day, like a mind-renewing day creates a fresh, clean, new beginning for the week ahead. Feed your doubts, fears, questions and struggles through the wringers of Faith, Hope and Love and enjoy the fresh aroma of a sweet life dancing on the winds of change. –PS ©2015wringer wash


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