Stages, Spotlights & Scripts

One day the curtain of your life will rise and all theatrics shall be revealed. Your story may flow along smoothly at first but the plot will eventually thicken and climactic events will demand action from you, its main character.

A lonely spotlight will shine, waiting for your presence, anticipating dialogue. But, you will ignore your cue, refusing to take your place. Instead, you’ll slip behind the scenes, blending in with the backstage chaos.

You will sweat and pace while your shaking hands keep rhythm with the beat of your anxious heart pounding inside your chest. In a prideful attempt to dismiss your stage-fright insecurities, you will improvise with criticism of your cast and crew, delivering impromptu accusations and murmuring insults about drama queens.

All the while, in your absence, the braver performers, who understand the show must go on, will boldly take the stage with commanding character. Happy-ending believers will rewrite the script and from a dark, lonely corridor, the audience’ applause will baffle your unbelieving mind. Curtain calls will echo encores while understudies and unknowns bow, humbly in the spotlight of their success.

Sad is the actor who ignores his cue then blames others for rewriting the story.


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