Loud Quiet

The second-hand on a garage sale clock faithfully rounds its monotonous journey without applause. The refrigerator hums its steady song, punctuated with an occasional gurgle yet never interrupting the low vibrato  background. The ceiling fan spins dizzily without a spotter, cooling the flashes of midlife warmth. That old laptop given (back) to me by my marine son breathes an intermittent gasp, perhaps thankful for a contented life on a desk rather than a tent in Afghanistan. A reliable click from the watchful thermostat signals the a/c on call that faithfully answers without protest. And the old kitchen chair filling in at the desk offers no complaint as it creaks with my leaning and turning. I thought the lonely night seemed silent, but the longer I listen, the louder the quiet. PS©2015



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4 responses to “Loud Quiet

  1. Mike Grogan

    This is just wonderful.

    Mike Sent from my iPhone


  2. I loved this, Polly, along with all of the above. Don Rogers

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