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Campsite Insight

An organized load doesn’t necessarily mean a lesser load.
Friendly raccoons by day are fear-instilling monsters by night.
Roof racks, straps and kayaks have the power to summon curse words.
Hot Florida nights plus mid-life warmth gives new meaning to¬† “bare” in the tent.
Nocturnal birds swooping, flapping and catching their squealing prey before daybreak happens. And when it does, it’s right outside your tent ‘door’.
Ants like cough-drops and sweet beverages, especially the ones zipped inside your tent.
The huge dumpster, only giants could reach …has doors.
Identifying raccoon footprints is a cinch, especially when they’re on your tablecloth.
Hiking through a national forest changes perspective and humbles the ego.
Kayak wheels are helpful, except when turning corners.
Informative people work at information booths. Friendly people should work at the welcoming station.
Most swimmers like rafts. Many like tubes. Some like noodles. And a few prefer rainbow-colored unicorns.
Waving at the nosy neighbor may not be as neighborly as it seems.
Bikes still work without chain guards; the best toast requires no toaster and some mosquitoes are immune to citronella.
You can still get kicked out of the ‘kitchen’ even at a campsite.
Conditioning shampoo is also a good body wash.
Yahtzee by candlelight does not diminish a competitive spirit.
Just because you wake up feeling the ground doesn’t mean the air mattress needs patched.
Pans hot off the grill melt the coating on the picnic table and the two become one.
A real friend has your back …and removes the tick you cannot reach.
60 pounds of ice after 3 days creates cooler “pools.” Use Ziplocs.
The creepy feeling you’re being watched may apply to raccoons on the branches above you.
Coffee “tea bags” are possible with filters and plain dental floss …not mint.
Wild imaginations are more debilitating than wildlife.
Jobs are necessary but experiences make the loss of hours well worth it.
The beginning of courage is facing fear. The conquering of it may take repetition.
“Thank-you for not being a wuss” outweighs all other compliments -especially from the one who’s witnessed your history of cowardice.


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