Make the world go away…make YOUR world a better place.

  1.  Turn off the TV – it’s likely the loudest, most invasive voice of negativity in your home.
  2. Go outdoors. Look up, around, far and wide. Look as far as your eyes can see. Take a mental picture of the beauty around you and know you are a part of it… another beautiful part of it. Remember this picture when feeling stressed or unable to sleep.
  3. Get to know your neighbor on a first name basis. Exchange phone numbers. Check in on them, no matter how awkward that may feel. It could be the beginning of a meaningful relationship.
  4. Help someone – a stranger, a co-worker, your hairdresser, a client, your busy, drive-through bank teller, the grocery bagger  –whoever is an ‘outside’ part of your life. One little gesture of kindness by you may be a life-long heartfelt memory for them.
  5. Sweep off your porch, sit a while, notice the view. Enjoy the silence. Sip a little something. Hang some wind chimes, a bird feeder or a wind sock. Plant a pin-wheel flower in the ground and watch it whirl away. Make your space alive in some way.
  6. Light a scented candle in your living room. Watch it dance. Enjoy the aroma. Let the flame energize your space and enhance your senses.
  7. Listen to relaxing music, even if you’re not relaxing. Let it be the background mood- maker while your taking care of domestic duties. Allow it’s rhythm to guide you with peace and light-heartedness.
  8. Exercise. Put yourself out there, wherever it is and move. In motion there is life, and euphoria from endorphins, and health for the body, mind and spirit.
  9. Call “home” –wherever that might be, and say, “I love you, I thank you and I miss you.” Never withhold your sentiment. You may think they know you love them, but oh, what sweet affirmation it is to hear it just one more time from your lips.
  10. Do something creative. Paint, garden, write, cook, decorate, take photos or re-arrange the furniture. Change is good, beauty inspires and creativity energizes.
  11. Relax in a bubble bath, by candle light or linger longer in the shower singing your favorite tunes. Condition your hair with coconut oil. Massage your scalp. Buy a loofah and exfoliate your skin. Rejuvenate your body. You’ll feel better.
  12. Breathe slowly. Inhale for 4 seconds. Hold for 7 seconds. Exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat. This is especially helpful when you cannot sleep.
  13. Use the good china. No good china? Well, light a candle, dim the lights, choose ‘dinner’ music on Pandora and savor the moment as well as your meal – even if you are the only one at the dinner table. Allow your body to relax as your nourish it. Do not stress it out by watching nightly news while you eat.
  14. Wear the polka dot dress, or the tie dye shirt, or the dangly earrings or the crazy neck tie or those cowboy boots collecting dust in the back of your closet. Let your outfit spark some happiness.
  15. Pull out the yoga mat, lie down, stretch, breathe, relax and release worry, tension and fear in absolute quiet. Acknowledge the Divine with gratefulness and trust the direction you sense.
  16. Remember your happiest moments. Give thanks. Create more. Dare to create more.
  17. Got photos? Reminisce a while. Let the tears flow. Let the smiles surface. Let the heart direct your next move, your plan B, your ‘what if’ and your future memory.
  18. Look up at the stars, the clouds, the moon, even the rain. Feel it, acknowledge yourself in the midst of it, imagine life without it, give thanks for it.
  19. Sprinkle cinnamon, pumpkin-spice or nutmeg on your coffee grounds before brewing and sip with simple pleasure. Enjoy your morning Joe on the back porch, not in front of the day’s talk shows.
  20. Tie shiny ribbons on an oscillating fan and see how they dance for you. Let fans, music, flickering candles, aroma diffusers, houseplants, opened windows, breezy curtains and simmering pots, make your house alive.
  21. Eliminate excess stuff from your home and enjoy simplicity.
  22. Sleep naked. That’s all. Just sleep naked.



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