Good News > Bad News

Bad news happens. That’s a fact. But good news happens too. Remember today (and every day) though it will not be headlining mainstream media, positive, happy and heartwarming moments take place, like confetti falling softly, blowing gently, the good stuff in life hasn’t halted. If only our eyes could see, then our minds and spirits would light(en) up like the heart-shaped affirmations dancing across a live Facebook broadcast. Be encouraged.
Close your eyes tonight knowing good deeds, kind acts, sweet words, friendly smiles, neighborly waves, scheming surprises, popping questions, rescued pets, favorite meals, winning teams, passing grades, faithful promises, generous tippers, studious graduates, successful potty trainers, new arrivals, met deadlines, delivered bouquets, fresh starts, needed closure, granted promotions, high fivers, good Samaritans, returning soldiers, sacrificial teachers, first kissers, disciplined finishers, acceptance letters, paid in fullers, traffic yielders and even Yahtzee game winners 😉 happen every day. And if you had a small part in any of the good stuff in life today, lie your head down in peace. You are not alone.
There are millions like you, working hard, while mindful of others and helping those within your reach. Humility (and a lack of good-news reporting) camouflages genuine folks like you making your efforts seem futile and your ‘kind’ extinct. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You and the millions before (and after) you, are the glimmer of hope, the faith in humanity, the encouraging cheer-leaders and the bright example of good newswhat makes this world go ’round. Whisper a prayer. Rise with hope. Shine, smile and carry on.


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