Polly Strouse

“Those with a teachable heart and a curious spirit discover that the good ol’ days are never behind them!” -Polly Strouse

I shall seek to live a life that remains teachable, curious, adventurous and risky, as I overcome many fears that have traveled with me over the years. Through life’s struggles and joys I’ve discovered running and writing. I appreciate and depend upon the confidence and purpose they have both afforded me.

P.S. KeePSeeking shares reminders and remedies that promote insightful perspective, personal reflection and spiritual consideration.


4 responses to “Polly Strouse

  1. susan booth

    I have always thought you to be a dear sweet heart from the time I first met you.
    I have loved you with my whole heart ever since that day.
    Much Love, Auntie Sue

    • Sweet Auntie, I feel the same way about you. I do. I treasure your words and the memories we share. I shall call you next time I’m in town. Too much time has passed. xo

  2. susan booth

    P.S. I know the people and places where you are coming from,…And I pray with all my heart that you just throw caution to the wind, and RUN forward with JOY in your heart !

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