The “Run On” Writer

26.2 Justified

Why must I run a marathon? Because I’ve trained for it. I’ve trained for it because I need goals.

I need goals to keep me disciplined. When I’m disciplined I am motivated. When I’m motivated, I enjoy life. When I enjoy life I forget about its worries. Worries attempt to defeat me. Defeat is discouraging. Discouragement steals happiness. I don’t like thieves.

Thieves want to victimize me. Victims live in fear. Fear is lessened among (running) friends. Friends build up courage. Courage brings hope. Hope delivers possibilities. Possibilities create dreams. Dreams make life sweet. Sweet is good. That’s why. Because sweet is just so good.

Ramblings & 5k’s

I’ve spent hours today organizing, categorizing and editing.  If my ramblings were races, I’d have a million 5k’s behind me – but very few in the marathon division. Bits and pieces, this and that, a little here, a little there. I think my writing needs some higher mileage. Unfortunately, I’m aware of the fact that training takes time.

Why I Run

  • I run because it helps me gain a personal sense of control in a world that seems out-of-control.
  • It releases endorphins that help me feel optimistic and hopeful.
  • It has helped me overcome timidity.
  • It comforts the fear and gives me hope of beating the odds of inheriting my mom’s rare CA.
  • It has been a way of escape on so many levels.
  • It helps me sleep (esp. during the Marine son’s deployment to Afghanistan)
  • It has unveiled a perseverance and determination I didn’t know I had.
  • It has created a common dialogue and sweet memories between my running sons and their wives.
  • It has opened up a world of new friends who have enriched my life.
  • It has given me the courage to conquer other fears.
  • It has given me a greater sense of community.
  • It has created discipline and motivation to reach new goals.
  • It has brought me even closer to my (former marathoner) Dad.
  • It has enabled me to encourage others to believe in themselves.
  • It has even lowered my cholesterol.  😉

Run Array

I’ve run in pain, in storms, in heat, in freezing and in the dark. I’ve run tired, sick, long, short and solo.  I’ve been chased by dogs, creeped out by strangers, hollered at from passing cars and sprayed by an old man watering his lawn. I’ve run on treadmills, trails, asphalt and sand. I’ve run at any given hour from five a.m. to midnight. At times I’ve laughed, cried, prayed and sang. I’ve been distracted, focused and hypnotized by my shadow’s form.  I’ve run with friends, with family, with the wrong shoes and once with my dear old dog. I’ve been late, last and lost. But the most challenging of all, by far, is running while wrestling with a divided mind. When “doubt” is your partner and “discouragement” your pacer, there seems to be no finish line in sight.

Just Run

  • Run when you’re happy and the pace is light and easy.
  • Run when you’re angry and the pounding is relieving.
  • Run when frustrated and return with soothing patience.
  • Run to untangle a day of complications.
  • Run to search for answers, bottom-lines and intuitions.
  • Run with patience as you wait for your solutions.
  • Run to challenge fortitude and wrestle with persistence.
  • Run to chase endorphins and enjoy euphoric goodness.
  • Run while you contemplate the beauty of creation.
  • Run with thanksgiving and grateful meditation.
  • Run though you struggle with a life of quiet sadness.
  • Run to discover the runner’s mysterious gladness.

Pre-Race Jitters

  • So, when you know you won’t be winning, or breaking any records,
  • When you know the race location and don’t even need directions,
  • When you know to trust your training and remember races-past,
  • And you know you won’t be lonely cause you’ll see your friends at last,
  • When you know pain whispers ‘give-up’ but you’re sure you’re not a quitter,
  • Then why, oh, why, must one endure these crazy pre-race jitters?!.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

It has taken me a long time to think of myself as a ‘runner’ and not just ‘someone who runs.’  The same has been true with writing. I have been ‘someone who writes’ but not necessarily a ‘writer’.  In preparation for the Writer’s Conference coming up I had to have business cards made. They arrived today. Seeing the word ‘writer’ under my name is just as exciting as seeing the word ‘marathoner’ on a race bib. Hard to believe yet no denying it.


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